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19 Kitchen Trends that are In or Out in 2019

For many people, the kitchen is the heart and soul of their home. So it’s important that your kitchen not only function well, but look good too. Design trends in the home are constantly changing, and as we usher in a new year it’s time to say goodbye to the old and hello to the new. When it comes to your kitchen, there’s a design revolution happening, and that means that what was popular last year isn’t so hot this year. Here are the top kitchen design trends that are taking over in the new year, and the ones we’re leaving in 2018:

1. Wood: IN
Wood is definitely in, not only for its versatility but for the atmosphere it creates in your kitchen. The wood trend started with wood countertops, and has not evolved to cabinets, tables, and flooring. Wood is a durable and versatile material, and with a number of wood types and colors available there’s virtually no look you can’t achieve. A wooden kitchen provides a relaxing, natural look, and with earthy green and woodland colors becoming popular, there’s no better time to upgrade your kitchen.

2. Gender-Specific Design: OUT
Blue and pink are so 1990’s. While designs used to adhere to the idea of associating a gender with a specific color, in 2019 there’s no such thing as a masculine or feminine kitchen. That means that you can embrace whatever color you like regardless of gender. In fact, traditionally feminine colors like pink and blush are becoming more and more popular in kitchen designs.

3. Colored Cabinets: IN
Speaking of color, don’t be afraid to spice up your kitchen with some colorful cabinetry. Blue and greens are especially popular kitchen cabinet choices. These colors can seamlessly integrate with virtually any design motif. Misty blues and deep greens are particularly popular for their soothing, nature-inspired look. Diamond Cabinets suggests a Juniper Berry blue and white color combination for a look that’s “pleasing to the eyes”.

4. Minimalism: IN
In 2019, less is more. Homeowners are realizing that function is more important than design, and are increasingly embracing a pared-down design. That doesn’t mean that homeowners don’t want to add their own flair to their kitchens, just that the overall look is becoming more cohesive and simple.

5. Everything Digital: IN
It is 2019, after all, and homeowners are increasingly embracing the digital in their kitchens. At the root of the digital culinary revolution is the use of WiFi in appliances, from refrigerators that can partner with your smartphone to remind you to buy milk to espresso machines that will prep your coffee before you hop out of bed. And as the technology is becoming more digital, so is the design. Intense shades evocative of digital technology are increasingly becoming incorporated into kitchen motifs. Get your smart home renovation with smart home design to match!

6. Too Much Eclecticism: OUT
There was a time when a cluttered, eclectic look was in. 2019 is not that time. More and more homeowners are wanting a bold design, but one that still retains function instead of a cluttered mess just for the sake of it.

7. A Hint of Eclecticism: IN
Just because mega-eclecticism is out doesn’t mean that homeowners don’t want some hint of a mix of styles. Specifically, kitchen designers are experimenting with a blend of rustic and modern design motifs. A classic design can retain a warm, welcoming environment in your kitchen, while a modern look can make your kitchen look sleek. Mixing metals is also a great way to add a bit of eclecticism to your kitchen: you can mix brass and chrome for some extra flair. It’s a look that high-end cabinet designers like Merit Kitchens call transitional, and the end result is a “diverse, yet balanced space”.

8. Stainless Steel: OUT
According to the experts at Gates Interior Design, stainless steel is on the way out and vibrant hues with fancy finishes are quickly taking over. Think intricate designs and bright, flashy colors that instantly grab attention. Similarly, muted grey colors are also out. The bottom line: it’s all about color.

9. Black: IN
But black isn’t a color! True, but black is quickly replacing grey, and when used to accent colors and fancy finishes on appliances, black adds a clean, modern look to your kitchen.

10. Mirrors: IN
According to designer Emily Henderson, mirrors in kitchens are becoming increasingly in demand. They easily add an illusion of space to smaller kitchens, and can seamlessly integrate into any design motif. And because wood is becoming more and more popular, a mirror is a great addition to a rustic-themed kitchen.

11. The Cafe Look: OUT
There was a time when homeowners wanted their kitchens to look like upscale Hollywood cafes, with brass lighting and concrete accent floors. That look has quickly gone by the wayside, in favor of a more simplistic but stylish look.

12. Movable Islands: IN
Like we said, function over form is the new normal in kitchen trends. And movable islands are versatile options to add extra functionality to any kitchen space. You can buy mobile islands of any size to fit any kind of kitchen. They’re also available in a variety of looks to integrate with any kitchen motif.

13. Terrazzo Tile: OUT
Terrazzo tile is not only expensive, it’s also difficult to remodel. Homeowners are turning towards more stylish, affordable options that are easily modifiable.

14. Sustainability: IN
We’re becoming more and more environmentally-conscious, and that doesn’t end with kitchen design. Home-made pieces made from recycled materials, or items purchased from environmentally-friendly companies are becoming the norm.

15. No Texture: OUT
While minimalism is in, a texture-less look is not. Flat, mono-toned walls create a less inviting atmosphere in the kitchen, so more homeowners are turning to a simple, textured look.

16. Linear Lighting: IN
Simple, linear lighting fixtures add a sleek, modern look to almost any kitchen. For that reason, they’re becoming more popular among homeowners who want a simple contemporary design with a hint of class.

17. Gloss: OUT
A glossy finish used to be the norm in kitchen motifs. While a smooth glossy finish can add a fresh, clean look to your kitchen, too much gloss can be blinding. Gloss is falling by the wayside in favor of a more sleek, metallic look.

18. Fancy Sinks: IN
Sinks aren’t just for washing dishes anymore. Increasingly, homeowners are looking for hand-crafted sinks and sink fixtures to add a unique flair to their kitchens.

19. Rose Gold Accent: OUT
Rose gold is so 2018. While rose gold finishings were huge last year, metallic finishes quickly eclipsed it, and the trend is now outdated.

Of course, what you chose to do with your kitchen is up to you. But with so many trendy design options available, there’s no look you can’t achieve regardless of budget or space.


Adam Desiderio

Adam Desiderio is a distinguished figure in the realm of home renovation, serving as the CEO of Klein Kitchen and Bath. With a remarkable career spanning over 30 years, his expertise extends across three diverse locations: New York, Italy, and Israel. 

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Adam’s unwavering tenacity and boundless passion for the industry, combined with his vast knowledge accrued over three decades, have solidified his position as a highly sought-after authority in the field of home renovation.

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