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Understanding Kitchen Cabinet Styles

New kitchen cabinets can transform your kitchen and create a space where you’ll want to cook. The options available today range from traditional cabinets to modern styles. You’ll find different types of materials too, including those that use real hardwood and doors that come with clear or decorative glass windows on the front. Before meeting with a contractor or a remodeling expert, you may want to give some thought to the types of cabinets and cabinet colors that appeal to you and how those cabinets will both work with and look in your kitchen.

Shaker cabinets

One of the top options for those who can’t decide between modern and traditional styles is shaker cabinets because they combine elements of both styles. These cabinets feature doors made from five individual pieces of wood. Four of those pieces form a surround, and the fifth piece of wood serves as a flat panel in the center. This design is fairly basic because the Shakers who originally made these cabinets believe in clean and modern looks. Shaker cabinets can use the type of wood that you prefer and the finish that you need in the room. Ultracraft cabinetry offers shaker cabinets that can match the look of your kitchen.

Recessed Panel Cabinets

If you want a modern and contemporary look, you might go with cabinets that have recessed panels. These doors feature four panels of wood that form a frame around the center of each cabinet. They can add some dimension to the space and give your kitchen a quick update. Though similar to the shaker style, recessed panel cabinets can work with any of the hardware that you choose to create a slightly more traditional look.

Raised Panel Cabinets

An alternative to cabinets with recessed panel doors are those that feature a raised panel. You can think of these as the opposite of a raised panel. Though each door will still have four panels that make up a frame, the fifth panel actually sticks out from the door. The raised design is much more traditional and can work with stains and finishes that are both light and dark. When choosing recessed or raised panel doors, you might want to look at the options available in a kitchen showroom to see which will work in your home.

Louvered Doors

If you like the idea of relaxing in a kitchen that brings to mind southern plantation homes, you might want to pick cabinets that have louvered doors. These doors mimic the look of the large window shutters found on those homes. Each one consists of individual pieces of wood with a central piece of wood running through the center. That piece lets you raise and lower the wood slats as needed.

Distressed Cabinets

One of the growing trends in the world of kitchen design today is the use of distressed wood cabinets. Though this design might not work great in a modern kitchen, it can look nice in an older home. Bellmont Cabinets offers a number of options for those who like the distressed look. The cabinets feature designs and elements that make each one look distressed. You might notice that the cabinets are one color but that you can see different shades coming through the finish. The cabinets often have more distressing around the edges to mimic the look of natural wear and tear.

Stainless Steel kitchen cabinets

Though you might think that all cabinets for the kitchen use wood, you can choose those made from stainless steel too. This metal has a bright and shiny finish that works perfectly in a modern kitchen. You can opt for magnetic surfaces that let you display your kids’ artwork and other decorations too. Stainless steel can look a little colder than wood does, which is something to consider if you want a kitchen that feels warm and welcoming.


Another alternative to traditional wood is a material called Thermofoil. This type uses MDF, which is a type of wood made from scraps and other inexpensive materials. Manufacturers wrap the wood in a type of plastic material and then use high heat to seal the two materials together. These cabinets have the look of wood but are easier to clean. One issue that some have with the material is that it tends to fade over time. Some colors may also become yellow due to exposure to the sun.

Semi-Custom vs. Custom Cabinets

An important thing to think about when picking new cabinets is whether they are in stock when you buy. Those that are in stock usually have a more generic design and are suitable for most homes. While you can save money with stock products, you may prefer the luxurious look that custom designs offer. Custom cabinets are those designed specifically for your kitchen. Contractors will measure the room and work with you to decide what type and style you want. They can then create a custom design based on your needs and wishes. Semi-custom cabinets are another option. This gives you the chance to add some new custom cabinets to your home but to also work with some already made cabinets that will fit in the room.

Base Cabinets

The most important type of cabinet for the kitchen is a base cabinet. These are the ones that provide the base for the rest of the room. They are usually quite solid and durable and can support the weight of any of the appliances you want to display and use in the kitchen. Base cabinets come in different heights to fit with anyone who works in or uses the room. You can opt for lower or taller cabinets based on your height. These cabinets may come with drawers or the option to add drawers, which will give you more storage space.

Wall Cabinets

If you only opt for base cabinets, you risk leaving behind quite a bit of empty space. Even if you have a small kitchen, you can still make full use of your space with the addition of some wall cabinets. These cabinets come in many different styles and can have different types of shelving inside. You can also order special cabinets to hold specific things such as the large platters and other cookware that you only use a few times a year. Though these cabinets can reach all the way to the ceiling, you can also opt for designs that provide extra storage space between the top of the cabinet and the ceiling.

Utility Cabinets

When many people think of the word utility, they think of the rooms that they use for multiple purposes such as a laundry room that holds a washer and dryer that also provides access to the circuit breaker. Utility cabinets allow you to do multiple things and store everything you need in your kitchen. Some also refer to these as tall cabinets because they are larger than other types. You might pick cabinets that measure up to 96 inches tall or those that are a little shorter. Utility cabinets are great for storing cleaning supplies and even your mop and vacuum. Woodland Cabinets and other builders can help you pick the right utility cabinets and any other types of cabinets that you need in your kitchen.

Luxury cabinets can give your kitchen the expensive look that you always wanted. Some of the top materials available today include hardwood and stainless steel, though some also like the look of Thermofoil cabinets. Once you know the design and material that you want, it’s easy to choose the right stock, semi-custom or custom cabinets for your kitchen.


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