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New Yorkers are demanding. New Yorkers ask tough questions and demand real answers. Here are some questions you may have.

Klein Kitchen and Bath has 2 Showrooms

• UES: 227 East 57 St # 212-371-6409

• Flatiron: 25 West 26th NY 10010 # 212-717-1726

Klein Kitchen and Bath has proudly been in business since 2009

Klein Kitchen and Bath license number is HIC LICENSE #2059232

There are too many variables to say. The cost depends on the space, materials, customization, building regulations, etc.

Klein Kitchen and Bath accepts cash, checks and money orders

Absolutely. We encourage you to visit our testimonials page. You may also want to check third party review sites like Google, Yelp, Houzz, etc.

Our in-home construction and design consultation is FREE.

There are too many variables to say. The time depends on the space, materials, customization, building regulations, etc.

Every building and board is different. We strongly suggest you ask your management company and building. The good news our staff are experts in expediting these approvals.

About 30 minutes to an hour. We see your space, learn what you want and need, then suggest some solutions.

Yes. At no cost and with no obligation, you get to talk with a leading professional specializing in New York City renovations. Why not take advantage of this? Contact us now.

Yes, we provide a 7-year warranty on all the labor we do during your renovation.

We pass on the manufacturer’s warranty for all the materials we purchase for our clients. Some of these are lifetime warranties.

Yes. But we don’t recommend it. When you order materials through us, we can verify quality and warranties, and make sure deliveries are made on time.

No. We are a full-service renovation firm.

Yes, but why should you? We know how to get these permits. It’s part of our full service, managing the entire project for you from start to finish.

Absolutely. Our in-house designers enjoy collaborating with other designers/decorators. It ensures that the client’s vision becomes a reality.

No. We are insured and licensed contractors in New York City.

Absolutely. All our insurances and licenses to work in New York City are always up to date. We would be happy to give you copies.

Yes. We take care of all aspects of the renovation. Plumbing and electrical is part of our being a one-stop shop.