Our Team

Its takes a team to complete every renovation. People who work at Klein Kitchen and Bath, do so not just as a job, but as a calling. We love helping New Yorkers feel even better about where they live; click here to view our portfolio.

Klein kitchen & bath managers

Adam Desiderio, Co-Owner

At heart, Adam is an engineer and a builder. He loves solving layout problems, creating spaces that are beautiful and functional. With more than 30 years renovating residences – in New York City, Italy and Israel – he’s excited by each new challenge. And he loves not just the result but also getting to the result. So he doesn’t sit behind a desk. Instead, he’s out in the field, on site, hands-on, in production meetings, dealing with all the contractors. Adam feeds off the energy of working in New York City…and off its culture and diversity. He wants to see that essense of the city incorporated in the firm’s renovations.

Ilan Klein, General Manager

New York City apartments, especially kitchens and bathrooms, tend to be tight on space.  Ilan loves helping clients use every inch more efficiently – for example, with custom cabinetry.  And larger tiles, brighter colors and creative use of lighting can make a space feel bigger…as can, for example, replacing a wall between a tub and a shower with a glass wall.  Since many of Klien’s clients have come to the city from elsewhere and come with diverse histories, Llan loves hearing their stories – and loves how Klein’s renovations satisfy people from so many different cultures and backgrounds.   

Eli Horesh, Project Coordinator and Expeditor

At heart, Eli is a customer-service man. He knows how to deal with buildings’ boards and building managements, whether condos or co-ops. While he makes sure that Klein files all the necessary paperwork, he knows permits don’t mean just paperwork – they also mean working with people. And he’s good at it. And his work doesn’t there. Eli is the man who, in the middle of a renovation, even late at night, clients can contact if they have a problem. Whatever it is, Eli fixes it, fast. And since getting things done in Manhattan can be tricky, that’s saying a lot. Eli loves New York for its arts…and he loves the art of expediting renovations.

Klein kitchen & bath designers

Charlene Nevarez, Kitchen and Bath Designer

Charlene received degrees from Berkeley College in Interior Design and from New Jersey City University where she majored in Fine Arts with an emphasis on Art Design. Before joining Klein, she worked at Monks Design Studio – and at Porcelanosa for whom she created a popular herringbone mosaic that launched in 2014. She is a member of the National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA) and the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID). Charlene says, “Interior design is a sensory mix of colors, textures, space planning and problem solving. I think I can recognize the transformation potential of any space – and I love the smile on people’s faces when I do this for them.”

Ana Rottkamp, Kitchen and Bath Designer

Ana attended the Metropolitan Institute of Design and is certified in Universal Design (meaning, design for all ages and all physical abilities). In her ten years as a designer she has done everything from garden apartments to duplexes, from penthouses to “full-gut” renovations that have combined apartments…for everyone from hedge fund managers to high-tech executives…in every great neighborhood of Manhattan. Also front yards, back yards and outdoor kitchens! And her considerable time on site during construction has given her experience as a project manager; Ana makes sure her visions and her clients’ visions get translated into reality.

Zeny Santos, Kitchen and Bath Designer

Whether she’s designing a small bathroom or a whole townhouse, Zeny can draw on an amazing variety of styles she knows and loves: from rustic to industrial (great for lofts!), from French provincial to hacienda (great for kitchens!), from traditional to “transitional,” from the classic black-and-white style of 1940s Manhattan to very contemporary. And she knows how to match a style to a client’s tastes and needs.

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