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17 White Kitchen Design Ideas

White kitchens are timeless. They have a clean and bright look to them and save the stressing out common when selecting colors or color combinations. For some, white can seem boring, but that does not have to be the case! Featuring white prominently in your kitchen design affords you the opportunity to play with contrasting colors and textures in an interesting way which make being creative much less risky.

To give you some ideas for your kitchen design, we’ve brought together 17 great design ideas, featuring white, to get you started. Continue reading to learn more:

White Kitchen Designs:

A White Kitchen With Bright Colors

The kitchen seen here features high-gloss accouterments with flares of bright color, lending it an edgy feel. The bright yellow-green stools add to the energy of the room, and a prominent marble island, large enough to be used as a dining area, adds function. The cabinets seen here are custom made by the Cardea Building Company and have been painted white to open the kitchen and brighten it up.

Country-Style White Kitchen

This kitchen is designed in the country-style and has a center island large enough to provide ample workspace and can even be used as a dining area. The yellow and blue French bar stools add an airy quality to the room that is offset by the white of the marble island. Additionally, the backsplash adds a nice pattern and softens the look with its white and blue color scheme.

White Kitchen With Light Marble

This white kitchen design makes excellent use of contrasting colors with the addition of the darker wooden flooring and the black stools. In order to maximize the light in the room, stainless steel, glass, and mirrors are used.

An Open And Bright Kitchen Design

Consider an open layout for your white kitchen design such as the kitchen seen here. This kitchen features a simple white color scheme and generously sized marble island. To top the design off, a custom light fixture is used to help brighten things up.

Causual But Stylish White Kitchen

The addition of geometric shapes and patterns takes the otherwise traditional white kitchen design to the next level. A beadboard ceiling is used here to add texture, while the valances of the cupboards have taken a gothic inspiration. Tin lights designed by Colette van den Thillart provide the finishing touch, being painted a soft blue.

White Kitchen With A Stunny Hutch Centerpiece

This kitchen design feature cupboards with foggy windowpanes that create a flow with the addition of the apothecary drawers. The built-in hutch creates balance, while the beautifully stained cork flooring brings the design together. The marble backsplash seen behind the hutch adds interesting contrast while the flowing arch lends it a classic look.

White And Gray Kitchen Design

Marble backsplash and grey walls can create a bit of contrast for the white of the shelving and cabinets to stand out against. Tiered islands and countertops can be topped with great looking Carrera marble tops in stunning white, White and gray gives an air of relaxation, which is perfect in a vacation home.

White And Blue Kitchen Design

The deep navy blue kitchen island, topped with a soft yellow marble sets of the white cabinets and walls seen in this kitchen. The eye is drawn to the beautiful 18th century Portuguese mural that sits above the range. To finish the design, terra-cotta tile flooring is used with the addition of blue diamond tiles.

Soft Ivory Accented With Black

This kitchen is painted a soft ivory color with a slightly earthier hue used on the cabinets which lend this kitchen an interesting look. Dual islands have been added here, painted in black with granite counter tops to add contrast.

White Kitchen Offset With Grey Ceilings

To add uniqueness to this kitchen, a horse weather vane is seen trotting above the oven range. A dark walnut floor and blueish grey ceiling act to contrast the otherwise white color scheme of this kitchen. White cabinets, marble countertops, and backsplashes are used to create an airy and bright look to the room.

White Kitchen with Dark Cabinets

White paneling above the range, as well as white marble counter tops and backsplash, look great in this kitchen design when offset by the ebonized walnut cabinetry seen here.

Unique Concrete Flooring

For a little something different, consider the addition of concrete flooring in your white kitchen designs. Seen here, concrete is used with great effect to create balance with the otherwise white color scheme of the room. The custom white kitchen cabinet works well with the table seen centring the room.

Prominent White Kitchen Design

This kitchen, with the exclusion of the striking hardwood flooring, features white prominently. White kitchen cabinets and countertops, when combined with the nickel hardware and stainless appliances lend this kitchen design an air of simplicity.

Retro Patterened Black And White Kitchen Design

The checkerboard flooring with the addition of the black and white patterned pillows seen here give this kitchen a bit of retro flair. The overall look of this design is simple and crisp, with white kitchen cabinets and backsplash tiles offset by black countertops.

White With Gray And Stainless Steel Additions

This excellent design features stainless steel appliances, white and gray painted blacksplash, and gray countertops, which combine well with the silver hardware and gray cabinetry.

Creamy White Kitchen

This inviting design features upgraded cabinetry and fixtures with the addition of a overall neutral color scheme, which results in a design that is extra comfortable. The engineered quartz countertops in gold are allowed to shine when placed alongside the white cabinets.

Barn-Inspired White Kitchen Design

This barn inspired kitchen features an island in barn-red, with a red and yellow colored valance that accents the curve of the kitchen window. The walls are painted a soft yellow which work to highlight the white of cabinetry.

Wrapping Up

If you’re looking to take your kitchen design to the next level, consider some of these great design ideas. A white kitchen is a simple and classic option which affords you the opportunity to get creative with contrasting colors. Whether adding in a striking black marble countertop, or stunningly dark stained hardwood floors, there are countless great options available to you to take what could have been, a rather dull looking white kitchen, and transform it into the centerpiece of your home. You can’t go wrong with any of the design ideas outlined above. After going over the above white kitchen design ideas, you should be equipped with the inspiration you need in order to make the kitchen of your dreams a reality!


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