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Our team has meticulously curated a space that seamlessly blends timeless elegance with modern functionality.

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Cabinetry takes center stage in this culinary masterpiece, featuring the exquisite craftsmanship of Artizen Cabinetry. These bespoke cabinets not only provide ample storage but also serve as a statement piece, elevating the entire kitchen aesthetic.

The backsplash, a focal point of design, boasts the allure of Tilebar’s Lancaster Bianco 3×12 Ceramic Tile. The classic white tones of this tile add a touch of refinement, creating a visually stunning backdrop that complements the cabinetry seamlessly. The intricate patterns and impeccable quality of Tilebar’s products ensure a timeless allure that will captivate for years to come.

Underfoot, the kitchen exudes a sense of opulence with Roca’s NOLITA GRAFITO 12X24R floor tiles. The subtle yet distinct graphite hues provide a sophisticated contrast, enhancing the overall ambiance while offering durability and easy maintenance—ideal for the demands of a bustling Upper East Side lifestyle.

No luxury kitchen is complete without a show-stopping countertop, and here, we present Caesarstone’s Statuario Maximus in a substantial 1 1/4″ thickness. The marble-inspired veining of this Caesarstone selection adds a touch of grandeur, while the durable quartz material ensures both resilience and a timeless aesthetic.

Every detail in this kitchen has been carefully considered to create a space that embodies the epitome of Upper East Side living. The seamless integration of Artizen Cabinetry, Tilebar’s Lancaster Bianco tiles, Roca’s NOLITA GRAFITO floor tiles, and Caesarstone’s Statuario Maximus countertop forms a harmonious ensemble that is as functional as it is visually striking.

Step into a world where culinary artistry meets high-end design—a Klein Kitchen and Bath creation that not only reflects your lifestyle but also elevates it to new heights.