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9 Out-of-the-Box Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

Hand Painted Tile

If you want to your family to be a part of the design process consider throwing a tile painting party at a ceramic painting event store. Each person can paint individual tiles to be randomly incorporated into a monochromatic kitchen backsplash tile background. This is fun and can make lasting memories.

Glass Sheets

While glass tile is a nice alternative to ceramic tile, solid sheets of tinted glass can be stunning in a modern kitchen. What is unique is that the glass reflects light back into the kitchen, especially when under cabinet lighting is installed.


Stained Wood planking or solid sheets of wood veneer will warm up a kitchen. It is recommended that the wood is sealed after staining or pickling. Another wood option is painted beadboard or wainscot for a cottage feel. The paint color selection can be an accent to your space, or it can blend in with the cabinetry.

Vinyl Flooring

If you want to get the look of wood without the expense and maintenance required, try peel and stick faux wood vinyl floor “planks”. These are easy to install and are naturally water resistant.


Solid sheets of stainless steel are commonly used in commercial kitchen backsplashes and are very practical for cleaning. If you are working on a Victorian or vintage themed design, consider using embossed tin ceiling tiles.

Slate Chalkboard

A really fun backsplash idea is a slate blackboard. You can write daily inspirations or messages to family members. They wipe off with a damp cloth.

Seashells and Sea glass

If you live near the seashore you can collect or purchase shells and sea glass set in cement grout. This gives the kitchen a lot of texture and a casual seaside feel.

Porcelain Floor Tiles

Porcelain floor tiles seem to be all the rage right now for durable and easy to clean flooring. It can even be used outside. The tiles have a bit of a wood grain texture to them and generally come in earth and gray tones. These would be perfect in a sleek, modern, neutral toned kitchen.


With great printing technology today it is possible to have photographs printed onto a roll of sheet vinyl that can be applied to your wall. Have your contractor or designer measure carefully and choose photographs that will fit well within the space. Black and white photos can add a vintage look to the kitchen. You can use family photos or upload photos from the internet to create a personalized theme.

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