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Elevating Luxury Living at 171 West 57th Street: Klein Kitchen and Bath’s Remarkable Renovation

Situated in the heart of bustling Manhattan, at 171 West 57th Street, Klein Kitchen and Bath have unveiled a renovation masterpiece that redefines the essence of modern luxury living. Completed with finesse and precision, this project encompasses the transformation of a bathroom, a kitchen, and a stylish bar area, each thoughtfully curated to harmonize functionality with opulence.

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BATHROOM – A Serene Escape

In the bathroom, an aura of serene escape prevails, thanks to the meticulous selection of materials and fixtures. Roca’s MG WHITE 12X12 HEX MOSAIC 2X2 tiles grace the shower floor, providing a tactile and aesthetic delight. The floor comes to life with Roca’s BIANCO VENATINO II BL MT 24X48 R tiles, offering a serene and elegant backdrop. The walls exude sophistication, dressed in Roca’s BIANCO VENATINO II BL PO 24X48R tiles.

An artistic flair is introduced through the use of Porcelanosa’s Paradise Arrow Negro tiles in the niche, elevating the bathroom’s aesthetics to a new level.

Plumbing Fixtures for Effortless Luxury

The bathroom’s plumbing fixtures redefine the meaning of effortless luxury. The Toto Aquia IV One Piece toilet blends modern design with water efficiency. A pristine white Kohler Rectangle undermount sink adds a touch of minimalistic elegance. The Kohler Alteo Single hole Bathroom Faucet in Brushed Nickel provides both functionality and a touch of sophistication.

A carefully selected Artizen vanity unit completes the bathroom, offering ample storage and timeless design.

KITCHEN – Culinary Excellence Meets Style

In the kitchen, culinary excellence merges seamlessly with style. Artizen cabinetry sets the stage, providing a perfect balance of functionality and aesthetics. The countertop, a showstopper in Ceaserstone Arabeto 3cm, not only elevates the kitchen’s appearance but also promises durability.

A backsplash featuring Tilebar’s Manchester Bianco White 3×12 Subway Glazed Ceramic Wall Tile adds a classic charm, while the flooring, chosen for both style and durability, enhances the overall ambiance.

The Julien Smartstation 31 1/2″ Undermount Sink in stainless steel seamlessly blends form and function, while the Franke Cube Pull Down Spray Faucet in Stainless steel adds a touch of culinary sophistication.

BAR – A Stylish Entertaining Retreat

The bar area has been designed as a stylish and inviting entertaining retreat. Schumacher Vientiane Ikat Coral wallpaper introduces a burst of color and personality. The countertop, crafted from Caesarstone’s Vanilla Noir, exudes sophistication and offers a stunning focal point.

In this renovation endeavor, Klein Kitchen and Bath have not merely redefined luxury; they have crafted spaces that speak of meticulous design, exquisite craftsmanship, and an unwavering commitment to the harmonious fusion of form and function. Whether it’s the bathroom’s tranquil elegance, the kitchen’s culinary finesse, or the bar’s chic entertainment ambiance, each element resonates with a perfect blend of contemporary living and timeless luxury.

For those seeking a taste of this lavish lifestyle, Klein Kitchen and Bath stands as the epitome of Manhattan’s premier design and renovation experts. Let Klein Kitchen and Bath transform your space into an oasis of elegance and functionality, where modern living seamlessly meets enduring luxury.