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Brazilian Interior Design

In the age of minimalism and Scandinavian design, it can feel like stark lines and light wood dominate the interior design landscape. However we present for your consideration, the unique, up and coming, warm style of Brazilian interior design. Brazil ranks as one of the top design destinations in the world. Marked by reclaimed natural materials, bright accents, and clean lines of modern glamour, Brazilian design has made its mark on the industry. We’re taking a closer look at the nuances of Brazilian design for you, so you can see if this is a style you would like to incorporate into your next home renovation!

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Elements of Brazilian Design:

Organic elements often appear in glass, wood, and stone—all of which are hallmark materials of traditional Brazilian design, while entertaining is a key feature in designing the flow of the space. Architecturally, homes in this style focus on open spaces, high ceilings, and plenty of natural light. Modern Brazilian design showcases a volumetric architecture composed of stone, wood and glass. While it may be hard in NYC to create a new space that features these attributes, there are ways to trick the eye into thinking there is more space and light than there actually is. Light colors, up lighting/accent lighting, and adding mirrors to reflect light are great ways to make a small space feel larger!

(via Architectural Digest)

Bringing Nature In:

Introducing elements such as live plants and leather chairs can give the clean, sometimes sterile lines of modern design a lived in, lively feel. While natural elements such as these bring a homey vibe into any space, b​​ut it’s also important to pay attention to the furniture design of the space as well. In midcentury Brazilian design, low profile, strong lines and simple aesthetics dominate the landscape. Though this design movement stretched from the 1950’s to the 1970’s, the furniture crafted within it has stayed relevant to this day. Pieces in this style combine beautiful, indigenous Brazilian materials with clean, curvy, natural shapes.

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A Private Haven:

While natural elements unite Brazillian design throughout the home, nowhere is it more apparent than in the bedroom. The main inspiration is bringing the outside in, and reflecting nature. In fact, the jungle is one of the biggest sources of inspiration for this design style. With the overall vision of the bedroom being calming, the natural landscapes of Brazil, there are two roads one can go down when designing this space. The first is to choose an understated and calm room that predominantly features neutral colors with touches of brighter colors. The second is to create a vibrant and fun room that is filled with colors and prints. While most people opt for a neutral color palette with bright accents, and soft fabrics, some homeowners feel drawn to color and texture. If the latter is more your speed, green is the best option!

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The Heart of the Home

The last room we’ll touch on is the kitchen, and how modern Brazilian design creates a seamless connection between the natural world and the modern world. One of the most important features in the Brazilian kitchen is natural wood. This is usually featured as the main material of the cabinets, but you can also use it on the floors, the walls, and even the ceilings. Bringing in modern elements such as quartz or concrete countertops, bold patterned floors, and of course top of the line appliances helps bridge the gap of traditional and contemporary. Keeping color palettes minimal and clean brings a modern feel to the space, but adding in patterns and pops of color is a great way to get that Brazilian flare into the kitchen. Similarly to the bedroom and rest of the home, adding live plants to the kitchen brings the majesty of the Brazilian jungle into the space, breathing fresh life into any modern space!

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Brazilian interior design has a flare for the dramatic, while maintaining a homey, welcoming demeanor. The balance struck between the minimalism that defines the modern interior design movement, with the stunning natural environment that defines Brazil, creates a harmony that defines the style of Brazilain interiors. Interested in incorporating some of these design elements into your next remodel? Get in touch with our design team to get started!


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