Kitchen Faucets

Kitchen faucets are more than just a necessary kitchen fixture. The choice of style and design can add a lot to the kitchen décor and affect the overall look. New innovations, functionality and features simplify any kitchen task. Pricing of a kitchen faucet varies with the different brands, materials and features, so exploration is key.


Adding a faucet with an attached sprayer is a helpful feature to include in the kitchen. The sprayer allows for a longer reach into pots and pans outside of the sink basin. A pull out sprayer often has a longer hose attached to it, but the faucet itself sits lower in the sink basin. Pull down sprayers are typically attached to an arched faucet, providing higher clearance for deep pots.

The benefit of having a single handle kitchen faucet is the easy maneuverability to turn the water on and off while changing the water temperature with a simple nudge of the faucet lever. A dual handle faucet, on the other hand, may be more labor intensive, but the user gains more control of the water pressure and temperature.


Some kitchen faucets have integrated technology that allow the water to turn on simply by touching the faucet anywhere, with any part of the hand. This feature is most practical when working in the kitchen with dirty, food-covered hands. Kohler kitchen faucets have taken the technology a step further and have created a touchless kitchen faucet. The water turns on simply by waving a hand by the sensor on the faucet.

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