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5 Renovation Tips for Busy Moms

Mother’s Day is this weekend, and we wanted to give a shoutout to all of the amazing Moms who on top of everything decide to undergo home renovations! Adding that extra level of stress is not easy on anyone, but when factoring in playdates, school plays, soccer games, and doctors appointments, among other things, we know that the Moms who juggle everything are the real MVPs. We wanted to give all of the busy NYC moms 5 important renovation tips to hopefully take just a little bit of stress off of their shoulders.

Time Management 
Renovations are unfortunately a time consuming process, and it is just another thing that will be going on your already packed list of things to do and manage. Hiring a professional contractor like Klein Kitchen and Bath will not only take the stress off of you for the planning, but it will also give you the peace of mind that the job is being done right. With Klein being a one stop shop for your entire renovation, there will be no need for you to speak to suppliers, get approvals on your own, or seek out an external designer. Also, fun fact; kitchen and bathroom remodels are the most sought after remodels when selling your home; they can increase your retail value immensely!

Think About Longevity
When you’re planning a remodel in your family home, think about the wear and tear the room will be going through. With kids running around you’ll want to choose surfaces that can be cleaned easily and take a beating. For kitchen renovations, checkout quartz countertops. These are easy to clean, stain-proof, and highly scratch resistant; perfect for kitchen experiments and family cooking time! For your bathroom, think about lightly textured porcelain tiles for the floor. Porcelain is extremely durable and textured surfaces will help reduce the chances of slipping!

Create Kid-Safe Spaces
Renovations can disrupt even the most organized family. It’s important to create a space where kids can go to continue their daily routines without too much upset. For instance, if you’re planning a kitchen renovation, be sure to have a microwave, mini fridge, and even a crockpot or pressure cooker set up away from the renovation site so that you and your family have somewhere to make small meals and store leftovers.

Have an Escape Plan
Sometimes you just need to get away from your renovation, especially if kids are involved. The overstimulation and routine disruption can definitely create a headache! Try to establish a place away from your home that you and your family can run to if you need a breather from the renovations. Whether it be a neighbor’s apartment, family member’s house, or even a hotel, a quiet space to refresh and regroup will be a relief for everyone!

Set Boundries
Safety should always be a top priority no matter what type of renovation you are working on. When kids are involved however, extra steps should be taken. Laying down ground rules at the beginning of the renovation is key, as is being firm in your discipline when enforcing these rules. If your child is curious or too young to understand that construction zones are dangerous, locking doors to renovation sites, or putting up physical barriers are another good way to keep them out of dangerous situations.

Hopefully these quick tips will help all you busy Moms when you decide to start your home renovation. If you curious about how Klein can help you with your remodel, get in touch with us for a complementary, no obligation consultation with one of our amazing designers!

Happy Mothers Day NYC!


Adam Desiderio

Adam Desiderio is a distinguished figure in the realm of home renovation, serving as the CEO of Klein Kitchen and Bath. With a remarkable career spanning over 30 years, his expertise extends across three diverse locations: New York, Italy, and Israel. 

What sets Adam apart is his exceptional talent for envisioning spaces and establishing meaningful connections with his clients. His leadership style is hands-on, often finding him at job sites, leading production meetings, engaging in conversations with clients, and collaborating directly with designers in the upscale showroom uptown.

Adam’s unwavering tenacity and boundless passion for the industry, combined with his vast knowledge accrued over three decades, have solidified his position as a highly sought-after authority in the field of home renovation.

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