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All you need to know about kitchen peninsulas

Hands down if given the option majority choose the island over a kitchen peninsula. Is this a result of design, functionality or simply social pressure? Let’s take a look at the pros of the different options and understand when a peninsula may be the better option for a Manhattan Kitchen Renovation.

The Difference Between a Kitchen Island and Kitchen Peninsula

An island is a free-standing entity with no borders. Multi functional, the island can provide additional counter space and storage with extra under counter cabinets or drawers, is a great space for family and friends to just hangout, sit and eat, or even act as place to put your  (extra) kitchen sink, oven and cook top.

The peninsula, while similar to an island differs by the fact that it is attached and not free standing meaning less accessibility and not preserving the open kitchen design look.

But sometimes the way in which the house was designed, doesn’t allow for the island. New York City apartments often have small spaces and an island simply takes up too much space!  In these cases, a kitchen peninsula comes better off than an island when trying to maximize a small kitchen design.

The Best Kitchen Peninsula

The best kitchen peninsulas are the ones that are attached to a perpendicular wall; if you have a small kitchen, this is the perfect solution. To be able to have more space along with your peninsula, forget about having cabinets mounted in the perpendicular wall.

If the kitchen peninsula is big enough, it could have many purposes like a diner table, cooking spot, even an office! You can have plugs placed on the wall and enough room to have a sink. The good thing about this element is that serves as a meeting place; the cook can comfortably make the meal while the rest of the guests or family sits down and chat.

The peninsula could also serve as a storage spot underneath the counter without taking that much space.

Another feature is that kitchen peninsulas separate the kitchen from the diner. Even if your kitchen is small, you can achieve a comfortable room enough to have family and friends around and be able to cook.

Kitchen Materials

When it comes to materials, don’t be afraid to mix and match. It is totally acceptable to have a wooden peninsula and granite countertop for the rest of the kitchen. As long as the colors blend together like in the picture below, you’ll have harmony.

Kitchen peninsulas create lots of circulation space, enough even to have one more chair for a perfect breakfast spot.

There are so many things you can do with a peninsula; you could even have a small under-counter freezer, an oven, cabinets and still have extra room for counter space. Some kitchens are so small, that they don’t even have space for a dinner table; so instead, the peninsula works as a casual eating spot.

Don’t overlook the features of having a kitchen peninsula! Go ahead and start picturing yours with Klein Kitchen & Bath.


Adam Desiderio

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Adam’s unwavering tenacity and boundless passion for the industry, combined with his vast knowledge accrued over three decades, have solidified his position as a highly sought-after authority in the field of home renovation.

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