How to Survive a Bathroom Renovation
A bathroom renovation is a great way to make your home feel fresh and new. It can be a difficult process, though, and living in an urban apartment adds extra challenges. You have to worry about upsetting your neighbors with the noise, making a mess in your apartment, and not having a working bathroom in your home. Fortunately, it is possible to successfully remodel your Manhattan apartment, and the results will be worth the challenges. Here are five tips for surviving your bathroom renovation: 1. Work quickly, but plan on delays. You and your contractor should have a plan and [...]
Renovation Terms and Expressions Glossary
Color combinations for bathrooms
When it comes to bathrooms, color combinations are very important. You might want to add life and vibrancy or choose to create a soft ambiance setting. While color combinations can be tough to choose; there are a few classic ones that you can use and opting for bold mixtures is not such a bad idea either. To pick a color combination, there’s a rule that can be used as a guideline which is called the rule of three. This rule is based on picking a rich color, a neutral one and a third one for bathroom accents. For example, let's [...]
Klein Remodeling NYC | 11 Big Ideas for small bathrooms
Making the most of a small bathroom can be challenging, but there are multiple ways to make use of the space available. Just like small kitchen design, you can make the room seem bigger with the right design and cabinetry. Following are some of the most effective tips for maximizing a small bathroom. 1. Floating Shelves Like a small kitchen, one of the biggest problems with a small bathroom is lacking the space you need to store everyday items. By placing floating shelves on the walls, you can take advantage of vertical space to make more room. 2. Under Sink [...]