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Understanding Kitchen Cabinet Styles
New kitchen cabinets can transform your kitchen and create a space where you'll want to cook. The options available today range from traditional cabinets to modern styles. You'll find different types of materials too, including those that use real hardwood and doors that come with clear or decorative glass windows on the front. Before meeting with a contractor or a remodeling expert, you may want to give some thought to the types of cabinets that appeal to you and how those cabinets will both work with and look in your kitchen. Shaker cabinets One of the top options for those [...]
10 Big Ideas for Small Kitchen Designs
9 Out-of-the-Box Kitchen Backsplash Ideas
Klein Remodeling NYC | 11 Big Ideas for small bathrooms
Making the most of a small bathroom can be challenging, but there are multiple ways to make use of the space available. Just like small kitchen design, you can make the room seem bigger with the right design and cabinetry. Following are some of the most effective tips for maximizing a small bathroom. 1. Floating Shelves Like a small kitchen, one of the biggest problems with a small bathroom is lacking the space you need to store everyday items. By placing floating shelves on the walls, you can take advantage of vertical space to make more room. 2. Under Sink [...]