Shopping for the holidays can often be stressful! With little time and lots of options, we decided to make it a little easier for you and give you the top 7 items that we would splurge on for food lovers this holiday season. From mixers to refrigerators, we cover all the bases here! 

1. Cuisinart 6 Quart Gourmet Slow Cooker, $110.99

Nothing says winter like amazing slow cooker recipes, and this 6 Quart 3-in-1 Multicooker will make the perfect gift for anyone who is looking to create cozy meals this winter. With 3 fully programmable cooking functions, you can saute vegetables, brown meats, or slow cook your favorite comfort meals. Dishwasher safe, and a breeze to go from cooking to serving, this super functional item is definitely one of our favorites!

2. KitchenAid Stand Mixer, $199.99

For the bakers in your home, nothing can beat the quality and craftsmanship of a KitchenAid Standmixer! With a lifted bowl to provide sturdy support while mixing, and 10 speeds, this is no ordinary stand mixer. Over 10 attachments allow bakers, and chefs alike to make everything from chocolate chip cookies to veggie noodles, ice cream, and more!

3. Le Creuset Dutch Oven, $290.00

This 3 ½ quart Dutch oven holds 3-4 servings, perfect for a family or dinner party! Le Creuset is known for their beautiful enamel cast iron Dutch ovens that are perfect for slow cooking, braising, or roasting. These ideal cooking vessels come in an array of colors and shapes to suit any budding chef!

4. Jura Micro 90 Coffee Maker, $1,198.96

Everyone knows that one person who is a major coffee aficionado, and this high end coffee maker will be sure to please anyone in that category! With over 6 caffeinated drinks to choose from automatically, 10 coffee strength levels, and 15-bar pump to deliver exquisite high pressure brewed coffee every time, this compact machine will make morning Starbucks run’s a thing of the past!

5. Samsung Fridge, $2,699.00

What is cooler (see what we did there) than a refrigerator that you can see inside of without ever opening the door!? The Samsung 4-Door Refrigerator with Touch Screen Family Hub™ is the ultimate high tech gadget for the modern kitchen. The touch screen allows you to keep track of family schedules, see inside your entire refrigerator with 3 built-in cameras, and even stream music, videos, and more straight to the Family Hub Screen! You can even access other smart home items such as lights, security cameras, and other Samsung appliances right from the Hub Screen. The best part though, you can control the temperature and monitor your fridge and Family Hub right from your smartphone! No more wondering if you have milk, now you can check your fridge in real time from the supermarket…talk about convenience!

6. Dacor Discovery 4-Bottle Built-In Wine Cooler, $5,999.00

A built-in wine cooler is a great way to get the party started this holiday season! This unique system using an argon gas preservation system allows up to four bottles of wine to stay crispy and tasty for up to 60 days! When you’re ready to swap out for a new vintage, simply rinse the pour spouts out with warm water or put in the dishwasher for quick clean up. Easily adjust the temperature without every opening the case for perfectly chilled wine every time, and the built-in design allows for seamless integration beneath your countertop or in your kitchen walls.

7. 30” Viking Range- VGIC5301

If you’re looking to go all out this holiday, then look no further! Viking’s newest gas range is stunningly beautiful, and will be the highlight of any new kitchen! With four burners, six oven functions, and twenty colors to choose from this range not only delivers on quality but personality as well. Treat yourself, or your loved ones (or both!) to a top of the line holiday this year, and if you’re looking for a new kitchen to go with your beautiful new Viking range, give us a call!