The kitchen is the heart of the home. Christmas and New years may have meant some more heavy usage of your pots and pans but all year around the kitchen is truly the place where all the action is. Remodeling your kitchen to give you practical space and comfort does not mean sacificing style and elegance. Here are six small kitchen layout ideas to get you started. Do not be afraid to embellish on them.

galley kitchen

  1. A small galley design presents the sink, range and cabinets across from one another and is often the built-in set up for small apartments. The beauty of this design is that it offers usefulness and efficiency. One downfall of it is that it makes socializing more cumbersome, as the chef crosses the space between the range and counters.
  2. A U-shaped design allows for a little more chat than what we have listed above. In this layout, the “kitchen triangle” of sink, stovetop and refrigerator are placed to occupy three sides of a “U”. This way, people can commingle easily in the center while the cook does her business around them. This only really works when the entrance to the living and dining area is at the open end of the “U”.
  3. In the smaller kitchen, an L-shaped design often meets the preferences of the owner of the kitchen. The master of the household knows what works best in preparing delicious meals, and might find it less tiresome to have the refrigerator and stove next to each other with the sink on the shorter leg of the “L”. In smaller apartments, this often works best. The downside is the master’s back is always presented to guests.
  4. A combined “U and L” design can be a popular solution. In this layout, a space forming a third “U” leg to the “L” is occupied by a built-in seating area for family and guests. This is a really appealing layout when the cook wants to freely share her creations as they become ready and leads to a convivial kitchen atmosphere. The caveat is that the kitchen must be open to the rest of the apartment in a way that may not be possible.Klein Kitchen and Bath galley
  5. The ubiquitous kitchen island is a good fit for almost any design. This allows for the family meeting to take place over freshly made pizza without leaving the kitchen. The primary consideration has to do with the size of the island and where it will be placed. Some residential kitchens seem to small to allow for an island where people can sit, but may still allow for better counter top distribution.
  6. Kitchen cabinet layout ideas need to keep abreast of the layout you choose for the appliances and the sink. A simple and inexpensive adjustment you can make while waiting for the carpenter is to install new handles and knobs you choose at the local hardware store. This can do a lot to capture the lifestyle you crave.

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