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Kitchen Cabinets

  Kitchen cabinets are an integral part of both the functionality and appearance of the kitchen. Designed right, they can provide solutions to all of your storage needs and maximize space. As the cabinets form the basis of the overall kitchen style and since they play a big part in creating its ambiance, it is imperative to select the right cabinet style and finish to suit your needs. Klein Kitchen and Bath cabinetry includes a large selection of styles, finishes and materials. Whether you appreciate traditional or contemporary, modern or transitional, you can select the perfect kitchen cabinet to your taste.  
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Kitchen Cabinet Types
Choose from custom, semi-custom or stock cabinets. Klein Kitchen and Bath work with all the best kitchen cabinet manufacturers to supply customers with superior products. Our most popular cabinetry is the Ovation cabinet line, because of their innovative designs and quality construction.

Since stock cabinets cannot be customized and only come in set sizes, kitchen space and dimensions have to be examined before considering this option.

Custom Kitchen Cabinets
Specifically built to suit your needs, custom kitchen cabinets are obviously most costly. Custom designs will make maximum use of your space and accommodate any unusual architectural features or atypical appliances.

Semi-Custom Kitchen Cabinets
These allow for many of the advantages of custom cabinetry at a much lower cost, making them the ideal choice for many customers. These cabinets run at only 25% more than stock cabinets, but allow for some flexibility in sizing and configuration.
Kitchen Cabinet Configurations
Designing your kitchen will involve choosing from three different cabinet locations. Base cabinets are kitchen cabinets installed from floor to under the counter and are included in almost every kitchen. Wall mounted cabinets are optional and found in varying heights above the counter, while tall kitchen cabinets are usually used as pantries or utility cabinets and set from floor to ceiling.

Kitchen Cabinet Door Styles
When it comes to kitchen cabinets, the door style is what will create the look and feel of your kitchen. Choose from any popular door style, or create a custom one of your own. You can customize a popular style, by using an unusual material or adding your own unique accents. Showcase your china with clear glass doors for the modern kitchen, choose traditional wood cabinets for the warm homey look or go for easy to clean laminate doors to lower your kitchen cost.

Shaker cabinet doors are one of the most popular door styles. They are created using 5 pieces of wood to form a frame with a recessed panel in the center. Their simple style lends itself to just about any decor, from contemporary to traditional, and can be created using various materials and finishes.

Louvered cabinet doors are created using horizontal slats of wood down the whole door. This unique architectural style contributes to a contemporary, modern, or transitional feel. Louvered cabinet doors are also often used to enclose spaces that need ventilation, such as a clothes drying cabinet.

Simple but stylish, the flat-panel cabinet door creates a sleek, neat look. Its hard lines and minimalist form make it a great fit for contemporary and modern interiors.

Inset cabinet doors differ from other styles in that they sit within the door frame, rather than resting on the outside of it. This style is created using exact measurements for a perfect fit and usually requires an exterior hinge.

Distressed or Antique Doors
Distressed cabinet doors are used to make your cabinets appear antique. You can choose any door style and then have the corners rubbed off or otherwise create a worn, antique look.

Kitchen Cabinet Considerations
There are a number of important things to consider to keep the process a smooth and easy one.

Clarify what you want and what you don’t want – minimize the regrets and disappointment by making clear how and what you expect and the things that bother you or you want to ensure are kept out.

Home Value – are you looking to increase the home value with a better quality kitchen? If you hope to sell, stick to classic styles and designs. If your home is where you plan to stay go for custom cabinets and personal styles.

Storage Space – don’t forget what cabinets were built for. Accessories and amenities are wonderful but kitchen cabinetry needs to have enough room to store dishes, food.

Coordinate with your home style – Don’t choose modern style cabinets in a Victorian style home. The different rooms and furnishing in the home should have similar tones and characteristics.

Whatever your needs, whatever your taste, the designers at Klein Kitchen and Bath will help you select the perfect kitchen cabinets to compliment your decor and make optimum use of your space.
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