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Bathroom Tiles

  Tile is one of the most commonly used materials in a bathroom, and for good reason. Because tiles are easy to clean, resistant to water, and long-lasting - they’re a great addition to almost any surface of your bathroom.

Choosing tiles may seem like a confusing process, since there are many different types and varieties available. Different varieties have different benefits and purposes–some types of tile are more porous and better suited to be used as wall tiles, while others make great shower tile and floor tile. Learning about the characteristics of each type can help you make a wise decision about what your bathroom needs.
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Marble Tiles
With its beautiful veins and luxurious appearance, this is a classy and elegant choice for bathroom tiling. Marble is a metamorphic rock, and comes in a variety of shades. However, because this type of rock is very porous it does require a fairly high level of maintenance. Routine sealing and very gentle cleaning methods are necessary to keep it from staining and damage.
Travertine Tiles
Another type of stone tile is travertine. A type of limestone, it has an appealing earthly appearance. Despite being fairly porous, travertine tile still makes for an excellent bathroom floor tile choice if properly sealed and maintained.

Ceramic Tiles
Instead of being made from hewn natural rock, ceramic tiles are made from clay and other natural minerals. This type of tile is one of the most popular choices for bathrooms floors and walls today, and it’s not hard to see why this is the case. They’re competitively priced, easy to care for, and come in a huge variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and patterns. The subway tile backsplash pattern is one of the most common designs, and offers a simple and elegant brick pattern.

Porcelain Tiles
Porcelain is very similar to ceramic, but is made with a mixture of clay and feldspar. While this can make the tiles a bit more expensive, it also makes the tile more durable and better able to resist absorbing water. Porcelain tiles frequently mimic the appearance of natural stone tiles, giving a striking appearance with the benefit of still being easy to maintain.
Glass Tiles
Glass tiles can be used on bathroom walls and borders to give a highly decorative appearance to the room. While glass doesn’t absorb any water at all, it isn’t a good floor tile, especially in high traffic areas. Instead, glass tile is best used on walls or as a decorative element. Bathroom tile designs featuring glass can make wonderful focal points.
Concrete Tiles
Concrete tiles are a great choice for a modern, industrial look. Their resistance to water makes them a great bathroom tile, are also strong and durable. Because concrete can be worked with so easily, there are a huge variety of shapes and textures to choose from.
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